The Crown and Shuttle E1 6JE (Tube: Shoreditch High Street)

Raiders of the Lost Pubs

One of the main things people prattle on about in reference to London is that it’s expensive; especially so when it comes to property and land. It’s getting to the point where a shoe box that’s been left on a street corner in Kensington will be marketed by estate agents with a greater market value than a three bedroom semi in Milton Keynes. Subsequently you tend to find that everything is a bit shoved together, making use of every sad inch, building ever nearer and higher to the point that we’re all going to be walking in single file down incredibly narrow pavements, staring into our digital rectangles, shuffling about in silence and waiting for the inevitable day where we die and are wedged into a cemetery plot so full they may as well have just thrown you in the corner to be eaten by stray cats.

Fortunately things aren’t…

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