Tasting Notes: Kormoran: Weizenbock

Alcohol And Aphorisms

Kormoran Weizenbock
Kormoran: Weizenbock (Poland: Weizen Bock: 6.6% ABV)

Visual: Caramel to dark brown. Hazy and with a moderate beiged head.

Nose: Chocolate dust. Raisins. Crushed custard cream biscuits.

Body: Fruitcake. Sour grapes. Malt chocolate. Madeira. Vinous. Raisins and banana. Walnut oil. Sour red wine.

Finish: Madeira. Raisins. Light banana. Glacier cherries. Malt chocolate. Sour red wine. Nut oil.

Conclusion: Ok, true but unfair comparison time. This really is no Aventinus. Ok, we have got that out of the way. I mean I only bring it up as, while it is not in the same league, it does play with a similar style of notes, and at a reasonably lower abv. This is no bad thing.

It plays with lovely raisins and lots of sour vinous flavour against a restrained, grounding, chocolate character. The wheat is present, but very smooth, with none of the evident almost prickle pushed to the front…

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