On the Shelf: Sainsbury’s

British Beer Goggles

Popped into my local Sainsbury’s recently and found a few notable items to report.

Affligem Blonde

This top tasting Belgium ale now available and had 50p off a three pack making it a bargain £1.17 a bottle. 


Bigger Brewdog Bottle

Whilst I’m not a regular at Sainsbury’s (purely due to proximity reasons) I do occasionally visit but hadn’t previously that they are now stocking a larger (660ml) of the flagship Punk IPA from the Scottish Brewmeisters Brewdog.   Having frequented the new Brewdog bar in Cardiff on the opening weekend and again this weekend I can happily report that it’s now doing a roaring trade on Westgate Street.   Also Urban Tap house and to a lesser extent Zero degrees were doing brisk trade on a Friday night.   Currently on tap at Zero degrees is an interesting Elderflower beer (no Mango beer available).


Badger rebrands

Hall and Woodhouse have a track record…

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