Octoberfest- Korean Version

Living Abroad in Asia


The adventure starts in the Japanese district in Yongsan, for a late lunch.  I took the train up with a coworker and decided to try and eat beforehand.  Unfortunately the ramen place we wanted to go to was closed during the time we were there!  Down the way we found a pho restaurant and my coworker had never had it, so we ate there.  Broth impression?  Decent.  Bowl ingredients?  Sub par.


The district was really cool though, I want to go back and check it out and eat at some of the sushi places.  Plus I hear the ramen is to die for, so I really, really want to try it!  I’ll have to make it back when they’re open.


Octoberfest was on base at Yongsan, and was….interesting.

This is the place for you if you want a quasi-german theme while eating and drinking Korean food.  The beer was Hite…

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