Moa Southern Alps White IPA

Crofty's Beer Blog

Hmm… White IPA huh?

So is it a hopped wit? not really sure I pick it up anyways, I do seem to recall a White IPA featuring in some peoples posts of the SN Beer Camp series, so good enough for Sierra Nevada, I reckon it’s probably good enough for me.

The Beer pours a light golden/straw colour, tight white head, but not really much of it. I had to work to get it up there, it dies fairly quickly but leaves a nice lacing and not before I can get a decent smell of the aroma – citrusy, but more of that lemon citrus aroma. The bottle says Nelson Sauvin & Citra dry hopping, never thought of Nelson as a dry hop before… might have to look into further.

The flavour is quite upfront on the bitterness, very strong citrus up front which gives way to a slight spiciness which…

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