Jackie O’s Brewery – Dark Apparition Review

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Dark ApparitionAll You Need to Know

Brewery: Jackie O’s Pub and Brewery
Style: Russian Imperial Stout (RIS)
ABV: 10.5%
Cost: ???? (12oz)
Glassware: Snifter
Temp: 55°F
Availability: Various Times
Purchased@: Beer Trade Extra

Quick Take: Dark Apparition is in a different class of RIS, being a drinker instead of an intense sipper. It isn’t battling for the top spot in my RIS-loving heart, but I would gladly buy a case to get me through those fall evenings without hesitation. Dark Apparition is simply delicious and another reminder of why I love dark beers.

Brew Facts: In addition to brewing beer, Jackie O’s runs Barrel Ridge Farm where they grow a variety of fruits and vegetables, and a bakery where they originally made pizza from the spent grains. You can buy their produce and breads at a local Farmer’s Market not far from the brewery in Athens, OH.

Appearance: Pours dark with…

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