Hartwall – Lapin Kulta

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Hartwall – Lapin Kulta

This is Lapin Kulta (which like a Timelord seems to regenerate in different guises) – a 4.5% lager hailing from Finland.

Now, first things first, this isn’t a craft beer. It’s a mass produced number. But, as mentioned on the ‘About‘ page, I’m not going to be prescriptive if I think it’s a good beer.

Anyway, away from all that and to the beer. This tastes like winter. There’s no other way I can do this justice. A blast of tasty, beery chill is the first bit of flavour you get from this. This isn’t chill as in the temperature of the beer – it actually tastes of cold. Most likely due to the same Lapland magic that allows Santa to do his thing every Christmas.

You get a real sense of the beer after the initial chill, and I’m happy to report it’s…

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