Victory Golden Monkey

365 Brew

Victory Golden Monkey 9.5% ABVVictory Golden Monkey
Belgian-Style Tripel
Victory Brewing Company

Having finished an arduous day at work filled with physical labor, I was in the mood for a brew that would provide enough “beer style good feeling,” to last the evening.  I didn’t feel like having a few beers, I just wanted one high octane beer.  A friend had given me a few of the Victory Golden Monkeys and after inspecting the label and seeing the ABV, I decided to give one a try.

I failed to heed the pouring instructions laid out on Victory’s webpage for this brew.  My pour was not “sufficiently vigorous to raise a foamy head.”  Yet again my pouring skills have proven to be atrocious.  There is a nice spice to the front of the beer.  The finish is different from any other beer I’ve had, it’s more of evaporation than a finish.  This beer has…

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