Let the Music Play On (Play On): Yona Yona Ale Reviewed

I tested myself by posting previously that I would write four reviews in four days, but alas it has already been three days since I reviewed Yoho Brewing Company’s Suiyoubi No Neko.  Now I must play catch-up tonight in order to keep on task for the rest of the week.  I humbly beg of you, my readers, to forgive this poor graduate student for failing to live up to her own expectations.

Now that’s out of the way on to Yona Yona Ale! An amber-colored ale so golden red that it puts pure amber to shame, Yona Yona Ale caught my eye as I poured it into my beer mug.  This thick American Pale Ale has a hazy appearance with no visible sediment and reminds me of wildflower honey, though amusingly honey is not one of its flavor profiles.

Certainly a sight to behold I still needed to be sure…

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