Pumpkin Beer #1 – Elysian Night Owl Pumpkin Ale (Seattle, WA)

A Pint of Knowledge

Elysian Pumpkin

Our First Pumpkin Beer tasted (note, these are in no particular order)

K- Keith

J- Janine (the wife)

All Scores are on a 1-5 scale wiht 5 being the highest

Date 9/21/2014
Name Night Owl Pumpkin Ale
Brewery Elysian
Location Seattle, WA
ABV 5.90%
Price $2.49
Style Pumpkin Ale
Color J- Cloudy & honey colored   K- orange amber, cloudy
Head J- minimal K-off white, thin, fizzy
Aroma J/K J- apple cinnamon spice   K-mild, ginger, cinnamon
Mouthfeel J- bitter on palate and main part of tongue, but smooth, thin K- medium and fizzy
Ginger J-3, K-3
Allspice J-4, k-4
Nutmeg J-2 k-3
Cinnamon J-1 K-3
Cloves J-1 K-1
Pumpkin j-3 K-2
Hops J-3 K-3
Overall J-2.5 K-3.25
Repeater J-No, K-Yes
Comments J-lemon/citrusy overpowers the spices/ refreshing, clean, not warm and autumy – kinda California autumn. K- initally sweet with a nice blend of all pumpkin spices, dry and somewhat bitter finish…

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