How to Measure Mash Efficiency


Mash efficiency is a measure of how much sugar you are extracting from the grain.  Knowing mash efficiency can help you make adjustments to your sparging and mashing process and help you achieve your target original gravity.  Mash efficiency is calculated by figuring out the PPG of your wort and dividing that by total PPG possible based on your grain bill.  Points per gallon per pound(PPG) is a measure of concentration.

Step 1.

Measure the original gravity and volume of your wort pre boil. Let’s say for example I measure 5.5 gallons with an OG of 1.035.

Step 2. 

Find your grain bill and use this chart to figure out the total points possible.  Find your grain on the chart and note it’s “Potential SG”.  Just worry about the 2nd and 3rd decimal place.  For example crystal malt 10L has a potential SG of 1.035.  So I would just say…

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