Can vs Bottle: Matilda Bay Fat Yak

Crofty's Beer Blog

Inspired by a recent post over at Facebook group Sydney Beer Club more recently and a few others I’ve seen kicking around I thought I’d give the old Can vs Bottle side by side a crack.
My choice of beer was fairly easy to get hold of as it’s a largely distributed beer by one of the smaller craft breweries owned by a mass producer (in this case SAB Miller otherwise referred to as CUB here in Aus) Matilda Bay based out of  Port Melbourne.
The  reason I chose this beer other than it’s ease to get and is packaged in both Can & Bottle is that I used to drink a fair whack of it a few years back, so I’m extremely familiar with the taste, it’s a common entry beer for people stretching outside the mainstream and it’s a beer most people (well, down here) would be familiar…

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