Brew Review – Due South Brew Tasting

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I had mentioned the first part of my visit to Due South Brewing in a previous post. As I described, Due South’s VIP tour involves a tour of the brewery equipment, then a tasting in their air-conditioned room.

2014-09-07 14.29.06 Glassware form the VIP Tasting at Due South Brewing

Another part of the VIP Tour is free glassware, namely, the pint glass on the left in the above picture. The mini-pint on the right is what we used for the tasting (and I would have loved to have gotten one of those, too).

On to the beers. And there were a lot of them, so I was able to try a good amount of what Due South had to offer.

Asylum Harbor Asylum Harbor from Due South Brewing

Asylum Harbor is their red ale, which has a beautiful amber color, light hoppiness, and a robust, well-roasted malt flavor. It’s got some weight behind…

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