Blue Moon: Summer Honey Wheat

Sunshine and Snickerdoodles

Lately, I’ve been on a beer kick. And by lately I mean all summer long.  I’ve always stayed within a very narrow range of beers because I’ve been a wine drinker since I was old enough to drink. My range of beers went from Yuengling to Yuengling Light.  Then a friend introduced me to Blue Moon’s Summer Honey Wheat and I was hooked.  I spent this past summer sampling beers to try to find something similar in taste.  I’m not a beer snob, the beers I was browsing are drinks that are available at the supermarket, not stuff they only make one keg of per year.  So here is a review on the beer that started me on my quest.

I love smooth beers and this fits the bill magnificently. It’s not bitter at any point during the drinking process (I hate that bitter taste that some beers leave on…

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