Black Lager – a big schwarzbier

Ferment to Be

Last year I made a schwarzbier that everyone loved, including me. It got a gold medal at the competition, lots of rave reviews and pats on the back. As you can imagine, I’m keen to make it again.

This month I’m brewing a beer for the “Happami”, my homebrew club’s annual autumn homebrew charity event in Yoyogi Park in central Tokyo.

This time around I’m making the same as last time, but a little bigger. Ramping it up to 5.8% abv, and keeping it on the roasty side. The lager yeast will make it clean and dry enough. This is definitely outside of the style guidelines for schwarzbier and certainly outside of that for Baltic Porter as well.

The yeast I’m using is the Saflager dry yeast. Two packs rehydrated gives me the right cell count for a pitch at 52F.

Put 3g Chalk and 2g Calcium Chloride in the…

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