Boqueron Brewing Caja de Muertos

What am I drinking?

Caja de MuertosStyle: Summer Ale; Character: “Our mission is to provide you with what we call the Caribe Ales Experience. ” Color: Yellow; ABV: 5-6% Purchased: The Beer Box, Aguadilla; Price: N/A

I realize it’s a little absurd to review a summer ale when Oktoberfest and pumpkin beers are starting their forceful takeover of the shelves. But in my defense, it’s always summer in Puerto Rico and this brew is still very prevalent wherever Boqueron Brewing is sold. By which I mean almost exclusively out on the west side of the island.

Boqueron Brewing is by far one of the most popular breweries in Puerto Rico, second only to Old Harbor. The only reason they’re not on equal standing is because east of Hatillo and Ponce you simply can’t find them. They don’t reach the metro area or the center of the island, let alone the east coast. This makes sense geographically…

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