Saint of Circumstance


Another from my tasting book that I hadn’t gotten around to posting yet. I’m now all caught up!

Name: Collective Arts Saint of Curcumstance
Style: “Citrus infused blonde ale”
From: Hamilton, On
ABV: 4.7%

Appearance: Slighly hazy golden yellow colour, with a moderate white head and really big bubbles.
Aroma: Lemon, orange and a bit of pine.
Taste: Dry with a medium-light body to it. Very similar to the aroma, lemon and orange hits up front, with some slightly malty biscuit notes, finishing with a touch of pine resin.

Overall: Pretty tasty and very easy drinking. Not bad, not fantastic, but it’s as advertised.

Price: $14/6x355ml bottles

What They Say:
Saint of Circumstance is an easy drinking blonde ale which we then elevate to another level by infusing the zest of citrus fruits which are in season. We then compliment this by utilizing hops which also have wonderful…

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