Oatmeal Stout Pumpkin Brownies (recovering from a cold, rainy 17 miler)

runner's table

Last weekend I was worried about my run because it was so hot and humid. Our short burst of summer weather ended quickly, though, and this weekend I was afraid that I’d be out for 2+ hours in the rain. Luckily, I only had to contend with a cold mist for the first 15 miles of my run, and I was under tree cover for the last 2 miles when the rain really started coming down.

I haven’t run a marathon for almost 4 years now, and although I’ve kept up my mileage, I haven’t done any really long runs since moving to Leipzig almost two years ago. I forgot how much it hurts! After 14 miles today, I felt pretty stiff and might have given up if I wasn’t (conveniently) 3 miles away from home. It felt so good to finish, dry off, wrap up in a warm blanket…

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