Craft Beer: Southern Tier, Warlock Imperial Stout

The Burrito Tribune


I am not normally the biggest fan of stout beer.  I made an example of IPA’s a while back about how IPA fans get acclimated and only like ridiculously hoppy IPA’s.  I could say something similar about most stout beers.  A lot of the stouts that have been recommended to me have been so thick and overwhelmingly rich, I felt like I should have given it a few smacks with a meat tenderizing mallet before trying to drink it down.

Despite this, I have been looking forward to trying Southern Tier’s Warlock Imperial stout all day long at work.  The Pumking Ale warmed me up to how amazing Southern Tier’s seasonal beers can be.  It’s also been so long since I’ve had a stout, that I’m actually ready for the experience of a richer sweeter beer such as this.

This Imperial Stout is brewed in Lakewood, NY at the Southern Tier…

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