Beer Review: Bell’s Brewery Mars: The Bringer of War

Tall Glass Of Film

mars_thebringerofwarStone Brewing Company might very well be known for their wide variety of IPAs that hit the market every week, but for beers that I can easily access in my neck of the woods Bell’s has one of the best. Two Hearted by Bell’s Brewery is easily one of my go-to IPAs that I can buy without traveling an unreasonable distance to acquire. Additionally, Hopslam from Bell’s is one of the most drinkable double IPAs money can buy- though we would have to have a discussion about the price tag. As a craft beer drinker the struggle is real for “sticker shock,” or the shock of seeing such high prices on the beer you buy. Sticker shock is really prevalent among bombers and 750 ml bottles which can sometimes have a price tag of $20 and up. A lot of people out there have a hard time justifying dropping that…

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