Beer – #464 – St. Austell – Admirals Ale

A life just as ordinary

In this post: Beer from St. Austell  in the form that is Admirals Ale, Music from Snow Patrol, Random Numbers and double dipping. “I see no ships…”

“This beer contains barley malt and is suitable for Vegetarian”

Another, the last, fathers day gift, St. Austell Admirals Ale, again a supermarket beer, so not difficult to get or particularly rare.

500ml bottle that is 5% ABV, making it 150 calories a serve, and 1.97 standard drink units.

Brewed by St. Austell this is in the style that is  Premium Bitter/ESB and they are in, weirdly, St. Austell, England

Originally brewed as a special to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Nelson’s victory at

Ships... I see no ships.... Ships… I see no ships….

Trafalgar in 1805. However, production of the bottled version and, occasionally, the cask has continued.

This premium bottle-conditioned ale has been uniquely brewed using our own Cornish Gold malt. Locally grown barley is traditionally…

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