Beer – #463 – Bachata – Bachata Rum Beer

A life just as ordinary

Despite everything wrong with this I’m going to attempt to drink a Bachata.

’’Ba-cha-ta’’ Finest quality lager blended with a dash of golden rum to create an exciting new flavoured beer.” 

Made by Flagship Brands, brewed at SHS Drinks and in the style that is  Pale Lager this hails from Manchester, England, not a million miles, literally, from Cuba.

Thankfully a small bottle 330ml, 159 calories in total for a 5.5% ABV beer, this makes it a bout 1.43 standard drink units in NZ

Premium lager blended with golden rum, a touch of vanilla and a hint of orange zest to create a

That is a full frown  That is a full frown

delicious new 5.3% flavoured beer.

Bachata is a style of music based on Cuban salsa with Afro-Caribbean rhythms.

Bachata beer was inspired by Alvaro, a Cuban musician who travelled the world jammin’ with Latin bands and partying at every…

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