Beer – #462 – Tiger – Tiger Beer

A life just as ordinary

So another of the more accessible beers – this one Tiger beer, available in supermarkets, and in restaurants that want to offer “authenticness” to their menu, as a representative beer. I’ll admit to buying a few on my travels.

Beer from Singapore then. I checked it’s not a locally made under licence version, this is important to me.

640Ml Giant bottle (1pt 5.6fl oz) . 5% ABV, 150 calories a serve and about 2.5 standard drink units in NZ

Tyger Tyger burning bryte Tyger Tyger burning bryte

Brewed by Singapore Brewery (Asia Pacific Breweries-Heineken) in the style that is  Pale Lager and they are in Singapore, Singapore

Brewed in Singapore since 1932, Tiger Beer is a full-flavored, pilsner-style golden lager with a slightly sweet note and an amazingly clean finish.

2010 World Beer Cup Gold Medal (international style lager).

Again what could go wrong..

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