Estrella Inedit – Ferran Adria

Michelin Microwave

A few weeks back I reached my tolerance level for eating horrid food stuffs created by celebrities. I was struggling to muster the enthusiasm to put fingers to keyboard and write enthusiastically, or indeed scathingly about them and consequently I haven’t published a new blog for some time…. But after a summer of eating at some decent eateries – Zucca, Coast in Saundersfoot, Jackson and Rye, Cafe Murano, Stax Diner, The Dairy and The Camberwell Arms if you’re interested, I have raised the bar in my eating expectations and am ready to have them dashed once more with a return to the ridiculous, the mundane and the downright disgusting. I have also spent that time stockpiling products ready to carry me through the next few weeks. There’s a couple of Jamie products, the ongoing horrors of the Sean Wilson Signature Collection, some sweets from a chump on Made in Chelsea…

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