Beer – #460 – Panhead – Lamb Chopper

A life just as ordinary

How could you not want to buy a beer called Lamb Chopper ?

Brewed by Panhead Custom Ales  in the style that is of  Saison and they are Upper Hutt, New Zealand

I have  a 6% ABV, 20 IBU things worth. and 2.3 standard drinks in the bottle, which is around 180 calories a 355ml serve, or 240 the bottle, from this a 500ml bottle (16 Fl Oz).

What can I say.... What can I say….

Determined to find out how customised a beer can Panhead collaborated with food writer Anna-Tait Jamieson to create this mind-warping Witbeir for Beervana 2014.

Where cone Motueka and Nelson Sauvin is some thing, Coriander seeds, Juniper berries and Thyme is another.

But we felt out new ‘funk wit’ need an additional push over the line with something seriously weird. So ewe’s milk it was.

Lamb Chopper is not the common herd. Drink it Fresh.

I think a beer…

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