The Crown & Cushion

Ladies Who Lunch in Surrey

I’ve decided I want to find Surrey’s oldest pub. The Crown & Cushion in Minley seems like a good candidate. At least a good place to start my search, with a family Sunday lunch.

Crown & Cushion front

The pub was built in 1512 and became an alehouse is 1596.

Crown & Cushion pub from 1512

As you would expect, there’s low ceilings, beams, open fires and, of course, rumours of ghosts. It’s teensy and very cute. A more modern atribute, there’s free wifi .

It’s actually going to be totally renovated this autumn so we came a few months to soon. (It will shut during renovation but Meade Hall will be open daily during the time the main pub is closed.)

Crown & Cushion bar area

Rambling, laid back outdoor seating is on both ‘sides’ of the pub. The parking lot side is stuffed with flowers, and the backside overlooks a cricket green. There is a bit of noise, as the pub is on…

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