Saruman Wants His Recipe Back

Akahige Wines, Meads and Sundry

Be sure to use a blowoff tube in a 6.5-gallon fermenter-this is going to be messy… – Jack Palmer

These are Palmer’s comments concerning the fermentation schedule for his “Fightin’ Urak’hai Barley Wine”. Quite accurate. I’ve been eyeing this recipe ever since I first purchased “How To Brew”. Monday, with ingredients on hand, I began the process of making it for the first time.

First, I brought 3 gallons of water to 158°F. Removing from the burner, I added 0.5 lbs. of Special “B” malt and 0.5 lbs. of chocolate malt in a grain bag to the pan, and kept it somewhere between 155 and 148°F (slowly descending) for a half hour. No big deal, but I realized there was no way I was going to be able to do the boil in that pan. Not only would the dry extract not fit, but once I had to add hops and the…

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