Patterson’s Pub.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Underdog

This is Don.


This is how a bar man should appear.

He should be strong of wit, jolly of voice and the understated man behind the curtain who ensures libations are never far away. After our own work days are done we indulge our follies whilst our conductor labors long into the night after ordinary folk have gone home. He is a friend to the work weary, daily patron and unknown traveler. Note the crisply pressed shirt. What you cannot see in the photograph are his shoes, shined with what we may conclude are years of pride in himself.


While much of this is hyperbole one thing is indisputable – the man knows how to pour. Each pint glass was pulled from a chilled refrigerator and wiped clean with a cloth. The glass was then docked with it’s predetermined beer of choice at a 37.5 degree tilt while the…

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