Tasting Notes: Brewdog: This. Is. Lager.

Alcohol And Aphorisms

This Is Lager
Brewdog: This. Is. Lager. (Scotland: Premium Lager: 4.7% ABV)

Visual: Pale light grain. Medium bubbled white head that leaves suds. Small amount of carbonation.

Nose: Floral. Palma violets. Vanilla. light lemon.

Body: Brown bread and soft vanilla. Soft banana and apricot. Toffee malt. Soft cake sponge. Palma violets.

Finish: Bready. Light dried apricot. Light banana and custard. Cake sponge. Light hops and pepper. Pineapple.

Conclusion: Oddly, as lagers are generally served quiet chilled, this actually needs just a bit of time to warm up. Not a lot, but chilled way down this was actively dull. Can something be actively dull? I’m going with yes. Anyway…

Then, when you let it get just a tad warmer, you get a very soft cake sponge texture, then banana starts coming out. It is very smooth as a lager, a touch of that Palma violets that I associate with bohemian pilsners, but not otherwise…

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