Shizuoka Beer Tasting: Aoi Brewing-Mild Ale


I seem to have recently developed a sixth sense when it comes to check the eventuality of a new brew being put on the tap!


i had no particular reason to visit Aoi Beer Stand in Miyuki Cho, Aoi Ku, Shizuoka City as they hadn’t announced anything on their Facebook account but here I found myself facing the blackboard over the counter with a totally new brew: Mild ale!



Served on tap
Barley, barley hops, live yeast
Alcohol: 4~5 degrees
Clarity: slightly smoky (normal considering live yeast and being unfiltered), very clean
Color: dark orange
Bubbles: very fine and creamy. shortish head, white
Aroma: very fruity and mild. Citruses
Taste: very mild and fruity attack.
Deep, elegant and refreshing.
Both well-rounded and complex: apricots, bread.
Varies little with food.
Stays very stable all the time, soft and pleasant.

Overall: The best craft beer by Aoi Brewing so far!

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