Porter in the Works

Ninjas Riding Dinosaurs

When the going gets tough . . .


. . . creative types need to take a break and make use of their other outlets. This will become a vanilla porter after I transfer it to the secondary fermenter in a day or two. It’s a partial extract, single infusion mash. Original gravity: 1.052.

Due to a mishap at the hombrew shop (ok it was my fault), I had lots of extra malt extract syrup left over once I made the wort (pre-beer, before the yeast is added). Some of the extra malt got baked into brownies that made use of the spent grain, courtesy of the Ninja-Wife, and my friend who was over to hang out and help out.


The remainder of the spent grain was combined with black beans and corn, and baked into veggie burger patties. Between the spent grain brownies and spent grain burgers, one turned out to be…

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