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I’ve moved away from the porter/stout dark beer world as of last year. And one of my newest delights are hops! I never liked them before, but that’s to Heady Topper i’m one IPA loving gal! Although this is not an IPA, but in fact an Double India Pale Lager it’s still rockin’ the hops! This beer is a must try. It’s a seasonal one and is out in the in MA stores in late winter early spring. It has exceptionally rich flavors and a smooth crisp taste! All of Jack’s Abby beers are unfiltered and unpasterized s that sediment in the bottle is normal. Pour it right into your glass! 

Will I drink it again? Perhaps, I’ll give it another whirl next fall. But there are so many beers, so little time!

Some Specifics

  • Brewed & Bottled by: Jack’s Abby Brewing Framingham MA
  • Bottled On: Winter 2014
  • Packaging…

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