Craft Beer: Southern Tier, Pumking Ale

The Burrito Tribune


So my local liquor store’s stock person is apparently new and lacking a little bit of understanding regarding the definition of “craft beer”.  Fortunately, immediately behind the “pick-a-pack” section is a giant wall of select craft beer in 22oz bombers.  These bottles tend to be a bit pricier than their 12 oz counterparts, and many of them aren’t even available in a six-pack/12oz.  I’m excited to start exploring them though, because their flavorings tend to also be a bit more adventurous!

Having a festive seasonal mood at the moment, I picked up a few choices from Southern Tier made especially for Fall.  This one I’m trying out today is called Imperial Pumking.  As with other Southern Tier brews, it is made in Lakewood, NY.  This bottle ran me $6.99 at the store, well above your standard rate for an equivalent six-pack (based on volume).  According to the bottle, it is…

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