Chimay Triple – Ruby Tuesday’s Beer of the Week

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After a one week hiatus I am back at it and last night we sampled another certified Trappist beer: Chimay Triple (LCBO# 676585), formerly known as Chimay White.  Chimay beers are brewed by Trappist monks at Notre-Dame de Scourmont Abbey near the town of Hainaut in southern Belgium. Monks have been brewing at this Abbey since 1862 and aside from the wonderful Belgian strong ales they brew they also produced semi-soft cheeses made from regional milk.

The brewery is best known for its three famous beers Chimay Red, Chimay Blue and Chimay Triple. In 1948 Father Theodore isolated the unique yeast cells that still form the basis for Chimay beers today and Chimay Red was also created in this year. The Christmas beer of the same year later became Chimay Blue. Chimay Triple is the youngest beer of the brewery, born in 1966 and is described on the Chimay website…

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