Taiwan Beer’s Weissbier

PDW Guide to Asia

2014-08-27 19.12.11

This is a must buy when you are in Taiwan – Taiwan Beer, in the gold bottle.  It’s a wheat beer and perfect to beat the heat and humidity.  It’s refreshingly floral, exactly the type of beer I can drink to crunk.  It was less than $40NT for the can.  Support local.  I want beers to be a reflection of the local taste buds and culture.  This one has a nice murky colour when you pour it out.  I was expecting it to taste like normal plane jane beer so I was shocked to find nice tasting at a low price point.  With my luck and cheap taste buds, I bet this beer was manufactured to take advantage of all the dumb non-TW craving something from TW.

2014-08-30 23.07.30

The last thing I need is to drink imported slop at double the price point of local varieties.  In similar fashion to HK…

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