Quest for the Golden Fleece

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IMG_0645Belgian (Pale) Ale, Quest Brewing Co. Greenville, SC USA, 4.5%

Quest is one of South Carolina’s newest breweries, located in my former town of residence, Greenville. The brewery does some interesting stuff, like cucumber infused chilly pepper beer (it was surprisingly good) as well as a very coffee intense stout. Golden Fleece is their most popular brew. Quest recently started canning their beers and they tell me they are working on distribution outside of the Upstate.

IMG_0644The nose has a hint of hops, but no real distinctness. The initial flavor is also of hops, the body dry and rocky. The hit bitterness doesn’t really hit till you swallow. It’s not a heavy beer and the bitterness is not strong so it could serve well as a summer evening drink. After a while of drinking the beer develops an earthy finish, not really one I’m a fan of. I’m not really…

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