Craft Beer Review – Caldera Hopportunity Knocks IPA

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Caldera Hoportunity Knocks IPA

Caldera Brewing – Hopportunity Knocks IPA: Brewed in Oregon at a strength of 6.8% with 100+ IBUs, this IPA is full of, as described on the bottle, an “@*! pile of Centennial hops, with a big beer to back it up”. Some “googling” identified this as a single hop beer, so this is a good one if you want to really explore the characteristics of Centennial hops which are generally noted to be floral, citrusy and spicy. This is another “Kettle” series, aka small batch release that was available in 22 oz bottles.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a dark copper colour with three fingers of foam in my IPA glass with some slow rising bubbles in the beer itself. The aroma is floral with lemon citrus and bread malt.

Flavour: I got some nice sweet bready malt followed by lots of lemon citrus and floral agave sweet middle with…

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