Craft Beer: Dixie Brewing Co., Dixie Beer

The Burrito Tribune


This beer is without a doubt one of the more perplexing bottles I have ever picked.  To be honest, the bottle was so confounding that I wouldn’t have picked it up if there hadn’t been so few craft beer options at my local liquor store’s pick-a-pack shelf.  (A helpful guideline for pick-a-pack stock-persons, make that section at least 50% craft beers!  I feel like that’s the whole point. Beers like Bud Lite is prolific enough to not need to be sampled in a pick-a-pack.)  The label is incredibly old-timey and it gives no information with regards to what is in the bottle except “beer brewed with genuinely clear water”.  To be honest, I don’t think I have ever drank beer that hasn’t been made with clear water.  It seems like a rather low bar to advertise being overcome, in my opinion.

According to the fine print, this beer is 4.5% ABV…

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