Craft Beer: Thomas Creek Brewery, Trifecta IPA

The Burrito Tribune


Wooo!  Yet another IPA for me to try from my liquor store’s pick-a-pack.

I guess this is my own fault really, I should pay more attention to the beer bottles I’m picking up when I shop.  This IPA does have my interest for the evening, as it is another somewhat local beer, brewed in Greenville South Carolina at the Thomas Creek Brewery.  At 6.9% ABV it’s a pretty stout IPA, and could potentially end your night a little early if you drink too many of them too quickly.

The beer pours out as a warm light amber color.  It has a small head that fizzed down reasonably quickly, releasing an amazing scent that was a cross between vanilla wafers and a sweet croissant.  There is also a warm overtone of nutmeg to this beer that has warmed me up to wanting to try yet another IPA.

My first taste of this…

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