The Duck-Rabbit Hoppy Bunny IPA

The First Draft

The label has a duck that looks like a rabbit on it! HA! Or is it a rabbit that looks like a duck… I suppose that’s up for you to decide. Either way Duck-Rabbit out of Farmville, NC (yes, the town is actually called Farmville – can you say ‘Facebook lawsuit?’), offers a truly unique beer. This beer on first try sold me to seek out more from this brewery in the hopes that their other stock is equally unique! “But Alex, why is it unique?” – I hear you cry. “Don’t worry,” I exclaim, “I shall explain!” (And rhyme incidentally)





The label says “American Black Ale,” and I don’t really know what that means, so let’s move forward with the assumption that it is really a Black IPA. That being said, it’s super dark. But the color is not just dead black; it really does have…

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