A dirty little blond

toddlers and tools

Today’s beer comes to us from Revolver Brewing; High Brass.


Cost: $2.20

Alcohol content:  6%

T and T score:  87

This is yet another present from Mrs. Awesome.  To be specific, it was actually part of a six pack she picked up for me as a way to say “sorry”.  So I guess this is the guy version of the dozen roses.  I think we get the better end of that.

Either way, Revolver brewed a great little American Blond Ale.  It’s surprisingly complex for a Blond (and no, that’s not meant to be a blond joke).  You’ll pick up a strong smell of hops when you pour it, but the taste comes across more nutty than expected.  It ends with a sweeter note that reminded me of slightly over cooked caramel.  And the aftertaste is mild, but still strong enough to not fall flat.  Basically, it’s a really nice ale.  Then there’s…

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