Weihenstephaner Kristallweissbier

What am I drinking?

20140831_144520Style: Kristalweizen; Character: “Throughout summer and winter, it’s a prickling experience. ” Color: Yellow; ABV: 5.4% Purchased: Lola’s Café, Juncos; Price: $9, big bottle

Once you know what you like it’s hard to step out from that comfort zone. In my case that means lots of IPAs and dark beers with toasty malts. I rarely give lager or wheat styles a second glance. If the bottle’s label is in German it simply doesn’t register in my brain because “those aren’t the styles I drink.” And honestly I’ve been missing out.

This point was driven home to me during a visit to Casa Bavaria, a German biergarten in the middle of the central mountain range in Morovis. With long wooden tables often laden with plates of bratwurst being chased down with Medalla, neon beer signs sharing wall space with medieval shields and animal skulls, and a view of misty valleys…

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