The Spread Eagle

Pub Impressions

Address: 69-71 Wandsworth High Street, SW18 2PT

Nearest Station: Wandsworth Town

Welcome: Poor; Service: Adequate (SIT); Beer: Good; Toilets: Good

Cost of two pints: £6.60 (Young’s Bitter)

Guest: Keith; Word: Under-utilised; Person: Paul Michael Glaser

Rating: 6/10

The Spread Eagle“The loos are the highlight of the pub!”  It was something of a back-handed compliment from Dad – although, to be fair, the toilets were fairly distinctive.  The problem with The Spread Eagle as we found it was, to quote Keith, there is “so much potential, and it’s all wasted”.  Let’s start with the potential.  The pub is near the now boarded-up Youngs Brewery shop, suggesting a historic association.  It’s large, designed in classic Victorian style with golds, reds and dark wood, and decorated with photos of Wandsworth High Street from the 1900s.  There is an extraordinarily luxurious room by the entrance to the toilets, filled with sofas…

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