The Dog and Bell

Pub Impressions

Address: 116 Prince Street, SE8 3JD

Nearest Station: Deptford

Welcome: Adequate; Service: Good (SIT); Beer: Adequate; Toilets: Basic

Cost of two pints: £6.80 (London Pride)

Guest: Jim; Word: Hidden; Person: Frank Butterman, Hot Fuzz

Rating: 6.5/10

The Dog and BellOur first impressions did not bode well.  Dad, not wanting to explore Deptford without the certainty of an awaiting pint, had done a little preliminary research on The Dog and Bell.  “If you don’t get mugged walking through the estate, it’s a nice pub,” began the first online review he found.  We emerged from Deptford station to be confronted by the sight of several police cars on the high street, and two policemen leading a crowd of their colleagues to question a woman outside the nail salon.  “She punched me first!” was the only line I heard, before the fighting broke out again.  Thus, by the time we reached…

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