I.P.A. Foray!


I.P.A. Foray I.P.A. Foray

I.P.A. Foray

Okay, now that I’m back let us get a few things straight.  Just because I did not blog, does not mean I did not drink.  I had plenty of brews, and actually toured a couple of brews.  I toured Colorado’s own New Belgium for a birthday celebration, and also got the chance to have a vacation with the in-laws in California and in the process actually got to tour the legendary Stone Brewing Co.  That was phenomenal.  A dream come true for sure.   So when I came back from California, I was thirsty for some hoppy, refreshing beers that would end the summer on a high note.

Deschutes Brewery I.P.A. Foray Belgian Style IPA

This beer was definitely a surprise for me.  Similar to the Sierra Nevada beer listed previously, this one was recommended by the “beer guy” at Little’s where they have the best…

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