Great Divide – Wolfgang Doppelbock Lager Review

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WolfgangAll You Need to Know

Brewery: Great Divide
Style: Doppelbock Lager
ABV: 8%
Cost: $12 (24oz)
Glassware: Pint
Temp: 45°F
Availability: Summer
Purchased@: The Foodery

Quick Take: Great Divide created a smooth beer with a toffee body, backbone and full skeletal system, but without the over sweet. The phrase “over sweet” is important here as an earthy sweetness is still a key player, but in a drinkable, ESB kind of way. Whether that’s good or bad is up to you, but Wolfgang shares enough traits with malty Doppelbocks and English pub beers to potentially satisfy both crowds.

Brew Facts: This is another stealth beer as Great Divide’s Web site makes no mention of it. I wouldn’t consider this to be a rare find, I’ve seen it in the Philly area a few times, but I shared this bottle with a bar manager and apparently even the reps for Great Divide…

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