Craft beer: Spotzel Brewery, White Wing

The Burrito Tribune

white wing

I haven’t had a beer like this in a good while.  Spoetzel Brewery in Shiner Texas has made a very interesting beer I’ve been wanting to try.  It’s a Belgian style white ale brewed with Coriander and orange peel, or so says the label.  I’ve really needed something different, especially considering all the IPAs I’ve sampled as of late.  I know I can’t blame the liquor store that much, but it does seem like an inordinate number of their beers are IPA’s.  Ah well…

This is a beautiful golden ale with a healthy bit of head on it from the pouring.  At 4.7% Abv it’s a pretty typical craft beer strength-wise.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find the 6-pack price when i was at the store, but at $1.99 the pick-a-pack price was on the inexpensive side.  If the 6-pack price is proportional, it is an absolute steal for the quality of…

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