Craft Beer Review – Rogue Farms 7 Hop IPA

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Rogue Farms 7 Hop IPA

Rogue Brewery – Farms 7 Hop IPA:  Brewed in Newport, Oregon right near the jetty (go there, it’s fun) this IPA comes in at a strength of 8% with 90 IBUs. Interesting enough, Rogue starting a significant hop growing program in 2008 during one of the many hop shortages the craft beer world has encountered – note they also grow their own barley – and years later they now harvest 7 different hop varieties, all of which are used in this beer (see their website for more info). 

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a typical IPA orange copper colour with two fingers of foam and some super slow rising bubbles. The aroma is tangerine, bready malts, with some floral, herbal and piney hops finished with a touch of caramel.

Flavour: The malt is doughy and a bit chewy with some caramel notes in the middle and a lot…

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