Moon Dog Tasting Notes

Phoenix Beers Showroom

Moon Dog Perverse Sexual Amalgam: Sour Ale brewed with cherry plums. 6.1% ABV. $8 a 330ml stubby.

An exotic sour ale with notes of plums, cherries, lemon, coffee, wet horse blankets and leather. A good mix of bitter, tart and sour. Not for everyone, but try it if you dare.


Moon Dog Black Lung IV: Barrel aged smoky stout: 9.1% ABV. $8 a 330ml bottle

“I think I’m getting the black lung pop. It’s not very well ventilated down there” Said anyone who has ever tried to drink this beer ever. This really, really, ridiculously good looking peated stout, aged in fresh American oak, will have you gasping for that last breath of clean air before succumbing to the intense roasty smoked flavour. This Black Lung is best enjoyed with a ventilator.



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