Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout + Agour Ossau Iraty

Beer Loves Cheese

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Bell’s Kalamazoo Stoutrec

American Stout, 6% ABV


A: Pours opaque black or very, very dark brown with a light mocha head that quickly crumbles, but leaves some lacing.

N: Sweet roasted coffee. Milk chocolate. Possibly some toffee. I’m not sure I can identify the licorice, but there’s definitely a sweet sense of dark fruit in there.

T: Creamy milk chocolate. Minimally bitter coffee. There’s noticeable sweetness – maybe lactose-related – but it’s not as forward as the aroma indicates. A nice caramel malt presence.

M: Lighter side of heavy body and creamy with minimal carbonation.

O: Kalamazoo is a nice stout, though a little on the sweet side for me. If nothing else, it’s a much needed reprieve from the heavy coffee, cocoa, and roasted flavors that typically characterize the style.

Agour Ossau Iraty

A: Smooth with a few wrinkles and a crack or two. White-yellow in color. Hard…

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